There is a marijuana store that has applied to the City of Chandler who wants to open a store at 7200 W. Chandler Blvd in Chandler. Contact the Planning Commissioners and the City Council and tell them this is WRONG!  

1. It is 200 feet from a school for disabled children called Smiles Learning Center. The zoning ordinance prohibits Marijuana stores from being 1/4 of a mile from schools and day care centers. This zoning is intended to protect or children. We believe that Chandler should protect all of the children and not treat disabled children differently or discriminately.

2. There is another licensed dispensary building a new store on Weber Drive in Chandler less than one mile away. This clustering of Marijuana stores is exactly what is prohibited by the zoning separation requirements that require Marijuana stores to be at least one mile apart.

Contact Planning Commissioners:

Contact City Council:

Mayor Jay Tibshraeny Terry Roe Kevin Harke Nora Ellen Sam Huang Rene Lopez Mark Stewart  

Send an email and we will provide more informaion.